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El 9 Se Burla 

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Reimor Leger also known as El 9 Se Burla Born August 8th 1989, raised in the Dominican Republic up until the age of 11 when he moved to Washington Heights, New York City.

El9 was a well raised, smart & talented child with parents who worked extremely hard to move to the United States for a better living. As 9 develpoed into his teenaged years he began to meet new poeple who knew certain things that he didn’t know yet. He became curious started exploring, partying and hustling where he earned his nickname “El Nueve Se Burla” Throughout the years El9 thought he had everything in his life under control until he was served with a 10 year prison sentence with a baby waiting at home.

 “At this point in my life I had nothing more to do than express my emotions, my memories and struggles in life through my best talent, music. I wrote so many songs while I was locked up, I can’t think of an exact number of how many.” El9 Finished his prison sentence and was released in 2010. He was focused on music more than ever to not only change his life but his families lives as well. He began working to meet producers, going to different studios throughout the Empire State. “I was focused and did everything it took to create relationships in the music business. When I was in the studio I would knock on doors of the other recording rooms to try and collaborate with other artists. I’m grateful there were a few artists who gave me a shot and supported me as much as I supported them. After building relationships I started doing interviews & performances slowly finding my way in the music industry. Music kept me away from a lot of things in the streets that could’ve costed me my life and my freedom. I rap about my life, my surroundings and my experinces. My day to day music identifies me more than I can identify myself. V$100 Records is a family, and I will represent V100 to the fullest.

"Whooooo that?!"- El 9 Se Burla 

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